I've worked a nomadic senior-executive career circling tech services, change management consulting, business process outsourcing, and creative design, with a sweet spot selling and project-managing US-centric deals through intelligent but within-grasp actionable content. I've been a retained content marketing consultant for midsize outsourcing organizations, no thanks to a few chest-puffing certifications (Inbound Marketing, Google Adwords Advanced Display, ITIL, Predictive Analytics, MBA, BS Math).

I'll spare you the insufferable humblebragging. Just check out my LinkedIn profile.

And now that I've stuffed that part of the bio with business keywords, I have the latitude at this point to say that I like art, Radiotopia podcasts, Unthinkable FM, the Partially Examined Life, Will Ferrell, brit-rock, MMA, and Murakami.


What's it like working with me? 

I have the integrity, stubbornness, and working difficulty of a starving artist, when I'm not writing or geeking out on design or content marketing.

As of September 2016, I have a little more than 500 LinkedIn connections. So yeah, I value real, deep relationships more than breadth. Quality over quantity.


Let's get to know each other better. 

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