There's something to be said about outsourcing in the Philippines.

(If you didn't know yet about the savings, the level of talent, the genetic Western affinity, or the judgment-based creativity, let's help you do your homework.)

But there's a lot of whitewashed, everything-rosy, generic blandspeak out there.

That kind of non-actionable deception pisses me off.

So I help you cut through the empty salestalk, get you the real story on Philippine outsourcing providers and markets, and show you proven, experience-backed actions to get your offshoring business or operations profitably and sustainably running and growing.


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I’ve continually admired your ability to match good business sense with customer needs, all done in a calm and pleasant style.
— Customer Operations VP | global-leading business content publisher
Jay became known as someone who GETS THINGS DONE.
— Shared Services VP | billion-dollar IT and F&A staffing
What an asshole.
— Asia Operations Senior VP | tech outsourcing & managed services

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