Here are the top causes of the world's worst traffic situation.

Shallow Consumerism and Escapism

1. Friday

2. Payday

3. Long weekend

4. Mega-payday Friday long weekend


5. "Traffic enforcers"


6. Rain

Idiocy and Selfishness

7. Flat tires discovered in the middle of the road, needing immediate, onsite stoppage and repair, so grave it's impossible to move just one meter to an unobstructive side of the road

8. Free mid-road public-transport terminal

9. Mid-road taxicab pre-boarding chitchat and negotiation

10. Free roadside parking

11. Free roadside commerce

12. Free mid-road commuter terminal


After much research and experimentation, I conclude that the solution is a more intelligent society capable of valuing deeper, non-material aspects of life and sensitive to lifeforms beyond one's own epidermis.