Leading by Values

Path A

Honestly, that's a bit of a trick question. Just a bit. You can argue that everything about a modern company faces the market and is wired towards generating (or helping generate) revenue.

(If you choose the path above, skip to the end of this blog post. THE END. Alternate path starts on the next paragraph.)

Path B

I'm an introvert, and I've led marketing efforts (mostly account-based, content-led marketing initiatives) for traditionally marketing-conservative (i.e. marketing-inexistent) Philippine companies in the BPO and technology services outsourcing space for more than a decade.

But I feel it's only recently that I've grown into my own leadership skin. That skin, I believe, is a realistic, pragmatic, achievably principled epidermis.

No lofty ideals that become problematic to practice. No soulless money-worship either. Guided by principles, but those principles are achievable:

  • Don't delude yourself or your team to be in a place where you're not.

  • Hire only those whose careers you would personally, genuinely want to help.

  • Open up naturally about your values and philosophy, why you do what you do.

  • Don't let yourself suck.

  • Respect everyone's time, including yours.

I expose my leadership skin in an eBook (okay, laid-out essay), free for download on SlideShare:

Leadership by Values - The Single Most Effective Way an Introvert Can Lead

This started as an onboarding document for someone joining my business development team. It has since been a pretty good description of my introverted leadersh...

The few who've read it outside my family say it's helped them.

Don't be shy. Go ahead and put your own spin to it.

But most of all, (as my daughter says) for the love of poop, please take the effort to onboard your new team members properly.

The End