I've never liked Megadeveloper's properties. They're the epitome of short-term, 20-something materialism and happenin' superficiality. (I'm no employee or shareholder of any real-estate developer. I just hate Megadeveloper and the dumb shallowness it stands for.)

Recently they took a big shit on Manila again with a monstrosity called Upscale Mall, another one of their crass, "aspirational" "Lifestyle Malls." I paid a visit, and their stink did not disappoint.

Aside from confusing signage for motorists, a gaggingly "sophisticated" annex of nightclubs called The Castle, a well-hidden parking entrance complete with scaffolding (to be fair, parts of the building were still under construction), and a convoluted way to reach parking spaces...

It's got two towers of office space, so the fourth-floor atrium is another loserville, a catch-basin for degenerate, chain-smoking (typically outsourcing and offshoring) office workers wasting time, escaping from the drudgery imposed by clueless and exploitative employers.

Rescuing BPO from its trough of directionless boredom: Make jobs challenging and creative

When your enterprise is increasingly dependent on hiring "Millennials" with digital skills and lower wage needs, you'd better figure out a plan for creating exciting, challenging career paths, or you're pretty much already doomed.

Isn't the Philippine BPO industry too mature for flashy tricks?

More importantly, I'm a little-okay, a lot-skeptical of My-Checkpoints' catchy-sounding but, in fact, superficial Engage-Visualize-Analyze formula. I think it's what happens when you present a product that aims to solve a very important challenge, using people who are not too old for shit and still too naïve to even recognize it.

Then there's high-heeled women in impractical skintight outfits, arm-in-arm with trim Mr. Haircut in trimmed sleeved shirts, ankle-trimmed slim-fit khakis, and pointy oxblood double-monks (sockless, please). How trim.

It's not all bad. They got friendly staff and clean restrooms. And the place is relatively quiet. But they sure know how to feed and milk the materialism of and extract the disposable income from the helplessly gullible, in order to turn in a profit.

So fuck you, Megadeveloper. Fuck you, The Castle. And fuck you, Upscale Mall.