I ASPIRE TO be funny in this blog. A lot of times, I fall flat.

One of the reasons is I'm not just a benign surprise.

I'm a real, credible threat.

Embedded in funny is a harmless disorder or malevolence, a commentary on or suggestion of a flimsy structure in society, culture, or life that doesn't hold up upon closer scrutiny.

Once that harmless disorder becomes a serious call for anarchy, people stop laughing. That's why The Joker is the scariest Batman villain of all.

So someone like me who seeks to hone their humorous craft seems to have two choices:

  • Tone down whatever people find seriously threatening (to be determined, whether it's the swearing; the consistent, repetitive anti-authoritarianism; or the habitual contra-establishment bravado) to a level that's still malevolent but benign.
  • Or keep at it till:
    • either things change, in which case the threatened former structure is already replaced by a new order and your threat-level dials back to zero (or a much more acceptable level--maybe yellow instead of amber) and you're suddenly harmlessly funny;
    • or people's tolerance for threat goes higher, in which case you'd also be funny.

DO YOU NOTICE how, pre-revolution, the instigators are "revolutionary," then post-revolution, they're just laughable, ranting old men?

Think about it. In your government, in your history, in your industry. For example:

  • Apple Jobs-era vs. Apple post-Jobs (revolution has already happened).
  • Bill Gates in the process of Windows domination and Bill Gates now.
  • Trump (or Rodrigo Duterte) pre-election vs. Trump (or Duterte) in office.

IF I WERE a UFC fighter, I'd choose "The Joker" to be my nickname. And my walkout song would be Hans Zimmer's "Why So Serious?" from The Dark Knight soundtrack.

No one would find it funny. But after everything burns and falls apart, maybe someone will.

So get a head start. Start laughing.

Why so serious?

ALL THAT, OR you're really just not funny.