You forward some administrative emails. Shuffle some 'Sign Here' forms around. Make random phone calls "following up," "clarifying," or "confirming" inane things with your prospect's vendor manager or program director, or some poor internal scapegoat, hoping it would buy you time, get you an extension.

But really, you've been found out.

Back against the wall. Looming RFP deadline. Client presentation tomorrow. And all you got so far is shit, let's be honest.

Long, verbose paragraphs with the cliches innovative, collaboration, and world-class, in Calibri 11 pt. Zero differentiation, or worse, pseudo-differentiation. Your X "years of track record" doing jargon technology in the ABC industry. How's that attempt at a gradient-filled SmartArt looking?

(Mocking laughter.)

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You stand no chance.

Give yourself a fighting chance. Get the most intelligent, high-quality, client-ready, contract-winning last-minute work you can ever get in a couple of days.

Jay Manahan

In the business of technology and outsourcing turd-salvaging for more than 20 years.