Things bothering you this Thursday.

Causing you stress, occupying your mind.


1. The $1,000+ loan that your mother-in-law is asking you for.

You're already uncomfortably strapped for cash as it is. Yet how can anyone ignore the necessity of her request?

Then you gotta reconcile in your head how you could do this for your in-laws and not for your own parents and siblings.

Guilt. Fear. Doubt. Stress.

2. Pressure to meet work targets.

You can ignore this and just continue to be craft-driven and slow and deliberate in the quality of your work, but...

3. The mediocre quality of work that results from haste and quantity of work and the finitude of time.

A salesperson who can't write. Amateurish sales "enablement" tools. Shit content and collateral. Thousands of records of live CRM data of suspect quality, already being used in customer-facing activities and marketing campaigns.

This is a shitstorm of poor customer experience and laughable mediocrity waiting to happen.

4.  The startup that's awaiting funding in order to be able to hire you.

There is nothing more stressful--and there is no greater amplifier of existing stress--than the realistic conception of a better state.

Hell is hellish because heaven keeps rubbing it in hell's face.

5. The need to earn a living for your wife and kids.

So leaving it all behind is not an option. Unlike before.

6. Making debt payments.

Your house. One of your cars.

You have no credit-card debt, but it's getting harder and harder to maintain that state of affairs.

7. Your side-hustle. Delivering, collecting on, and tracking tomorrow's sold goods.

You ask yourself: What the hell did I get myself into? Crazy dumb fuck.

8. And who the fuck are all these people in your house?

You feel like Macaulay Culkin. Just wanting to be left alone to your directionless days to do your own thing.

You know, the typical Gen X dream.

Macaulay Culkin: 'No, I was not pounding six grand of heroin a month'

Of all modern myths, it is the fall of the child star that most compels us. Whether they're embarking on 55-hour marriages, throwing bongs out of windows or abandoning monkeys at customs, we can't seem to get enough.