Delusional Sales Chief: "We need to look for the orca accounts who can buy 10,000 units a pop and sell to them."

Salesperson: "We did our analytics. Those whales are all your accounts. Do you want us to sell to your accounts, or would you like to handle the selling to your accounts yourself?"

DSC: "Well, that's why I've been bringing you along to all my meetings with them."

SP: "Oh. Okay. I just thought if you wanted us to takeover your accounts or tag-team them with you, we would have been more involved than being notified a few hours before the meeting to tag along--"

DSC: "--you should have been more proactive in--"

SP: "--and you would have introduced us to the your most important contacts there--"

DSC: "--well I did mention your name--"

SP: "--and maybe we could have led the meeting and sent the proposal ourselves."

DSC: "In any case, stop the presses! I just sold them 1,000 units."

SP: "1,000."

DSC: "With potential to grow to 6,000 within a year."

SP: "Okay. So let me get this straight. In your best account, you achieved only 10 percent of what you want me to achieve. And at best, you might achieve just 60 percent of what you want me to achieve. So you want me to achieve, in my smaller accounts, 10 times more than what you've achieved in your best account?"

DSC: "Work smarter, not harder."