Developing a Content Strategy for Brand Alignment and Sales Enablement

Stop embarrassingly scrambling for proposals retrofitted from a prior project that has no relevance to the client at hand. A well-developed content strategy gives your revenue-growth team the expertise, agility, speed, and outcomes that well-informed clients look for in a B2B advisor (i.e. the salesperson for an informed economy):

  • Overviews that make a good first impression.
  • Case studies that nurture prospects towards converting.
  • ROI calculators that seal the deal.

All aligned with the intelligent B2B brand that you want to convey.

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Online Personal Branding for Business Professionals and Salespeople

You're really annoyed that the people responsible for your revenue quickly dissolve in a mass of similar-looking and -sounding competitors or do not come across to prospects as trustworthy domain experts. Both in person and online.

The B2B salespeople who thrive in an informed marketplace are those who create not only a good first impression but also live a consistent, authentic presence. "Digitally." (There, I said it.)

This hands-on, coaching-style course mentors your revenue team to do just that.

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Effective Data Visualization for Management Insight

If you're looking for a more scientific dataviz class from a much nicer guy, go here. Otherwise...


"This pie chart is heaven-sent," said no manager ever.

But if you're still using pie charts in your management reports, you would be forgiven to think this mentoring program is heaven-sent. Part data visualization, part Excel 202, part intro to management analytics, and part PowerPoint shock therapy, this uncomfortable program by math major, predictive modeling certificate-holder, MBA douchebag, data visualization aficionado, and all-around business huckster Jay Manahan aims to rid your buzzword-drunk middle-management mind of mediocre, merely-administrative, insight-less, non-actionable reporting.

Other signs of management reporting chlamydia include sorting things alphabetically, applying 3D effects, and stating the obvious in a pseudo-fancy manner. Seek treatment immediately.

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