If you're one of the eight people who are in any way connected to me on social media, you would have already been bludgeoned by my blathering about placing second (or "running up first," because that's what first runner-ups do) in a "nationwide data visualization contest of around 200 teams/entries" (my own inflated description).

It's called the DataSeer Grab Challenge 2017.

DataSeer - an analytics and data science training and consulting firm; adjudicated the competition and sponsored the prizes

Grab - an Asian ride-hailing app; provided the data and sponsored the prizes

Challenge - "a task or situation that tests someone's abilities" (c/o Google)

2017 - the current year

AIM Analytics Club - the responsive data science student organization at the Asian Institute of Management; organized and ran the contest and the awarding ceremonies

Jay Manahan - the shameless, un-teamed douche who lost and cried till the organizers got fed up and relented to give him second place

Here's a visualization (funnel chart) of the journey to dataviz bridesmaid town:

Jay Manahan wins DataSeer Grab Dataviz Challenge 2017 - Funnel Chart.png

If you need further proof that this actually happened (unlike my fictitious 323rd ranking during the last world ranking ceremonies), here are the AIM Analytics Club' official Facebook posts on the matter.

Here's additional proof that my news source is not Mr. Snuffleupagus:

Jay Manahan wins Dataviz Contest

Finally, if you're in the mood for a no-bearing visual exercise, here's a PDF of the second-place dataviz finish in question.


Because truthfully, I did.