Apparently, there are LinkedIn users (let's call them LUsers) who actually reach LinkedIn's maximum limit for connections.

When--or before--you reach this limit, you can prune your network by immediately removing the following types of connections:

1. The Consistent and Obvious Humblebragger

2. That person working in a large corporation who just shares every self-congratulatory puff piece about their firm

3. The recruiter who posts nothing but plain listings of URGENT job openings of their non-exclusive 'clients,' asking you to like or comment to be profiled

4. People who keep liking, sharing, and commenting on Apprentice winners' or Shingy's or motivational speakers' posts

5. That person you don't know, whose invitation you accepted only because they look attractive in their profile picture

6. Anyone who uses the words 'millenials' or 'servant-leader' in a non-sarcastic or non-satirical way

7. Overeager Kool-Aid Drinkers

8. Cranky and unfunny listicle writers who use the word 'hack' in their titles